Getting Started with JNI

In this post I am sharing solutions for some problems I have faced while studying Java Native Interface (JNI). Pretty much the same steps found at were implemented, since I needed the simplest case study possible. Although this study is a Java experiment it involves several other technologies. Moreover, we'll be compiling platform-dependent code (the C++ part of it), which means that the the architecture of the operational system and the version of the JVM where our final JNI ... Read more

SUSE Enterprise 10 video settings on VMware

Not sure why SUSE Enterprise 10 failed to automatically detect video/monitor configuration after I migrated virtual machines from Microsoft Virtual PC to VMware Workstation ACE Edition 6.0.0. I had to run x86config and provide the parameters below. Section "Monitor" HorizSync 31-38 Identifier "Monitor[0]" ModelName "800X600@60HZ" Option "DPMS" VendorName "--> VESA" VertRefresh 50-60 UseModes "Modes[0]" EndSection Section "Modes"  ... Read more