How to Edit svn:externals from the command line

Issue the following command to invoke and editor: [code]svn propedit svn:externals .[/code] Edit the entries in the file: [code] abc cde [/code] If not editors are set you won't be able to edit the file. On UNIX like systems export SVN_EDITOR=vi should do it. On Windows systems, SET SVN_EDITOR=Notepad will set Notepad as the SVN property editor. Read more

SUSE Enterprise 10 video settings on VMware

Not sure why SUSE Enterprise 10 failed to automatically detect video/monitor configuration after I migrated virtual machines from Microsoft Virtual PC to VMware Workstation ACE Edition 6.0.0. I had to run x86config and provide the parameters below. Section "Monitor" HorizSync 31-38 Identifier "Monitor[0]" ModelName "800X600@60HZ" Option "DPMS" VendorName "--> VESA" VertRefresh 50-60 UseModes "Modes[0]" EndSection Section "Modes"  ... Read more