Loading a Directory Structure into an N-Ary Tree

I am developing a Java application to create a backup of multiple directories into another location, in order to do some optimizations I needed to extract some information from the directory tree and keep it in memory. Java I/O provides a nice bidirectional structure (the tree can be traversed either starting from the root or the leaves), but in my backup program I needed additional attributes to each node, and be able to add events. Due to its ability to represent ... Read more

Puzzled? Try another Data Structure*!

You know those times when you find yourself from mildly to totally perplexed with the complexity of your own creation? Have you ever gotten a feeling that some more engineering would make your code much simpler, professional, and easier to maintain --- and that same engineering is something you ignore? The number of data structures a developer knows and the level of intimacy with each of them substantially impacts her or his ability to tackle problems. No matter the programming language, the ... Read more